Promises & Requests

Posted by David Bowles on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

sleazysalesmanThere are various pattern languages used in the business of selling. The most common of these focuses on ”overcoming objections.” It is safe to assume that this system wouldn’t be “common” if it didn’t work. But it is the language of sociopathy, not the language of relationship building. For those who shy away from this Say Anything methodology, I recommend the language of Promises and Requests. Here it is incumbent upon the seller to first make a complete catalog of his or her promises. Then, as they hear the considerations of those with whom they wish to do business, they … Read the rest »

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Opportunity Knocks

Posted by David Bowles on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For

OpportunitySometimes opportunity knocks. Sometimes it picks you off in the crosswalk. Sometimes… you need to be careful what you wish for.

Looking back over the past year of endeavor to open a second restaurant we find so many stories within the story. Back and forth negotiations to select a site, agree on the size and resolve the lease terms, each of these phases had a life of its own. We involved an architect to complete an initial design and feasibility analysis. Then we used those documents to preselect the contractor and obtain a preliminary … Read the rest »

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Posted by David Bowles on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Magic Ingredient?

comittmentCommitment forms a relationship between where we currently stand and some point in the future, to which we are connected by our intentions. When we cast that commitment forward it shines light back into the interstitial space between its distant point and our current position. In doing so it lights up that void and reveals things we would not otherwise see and of those objects change. Problems become simply challenges and we are surprised notably less often.

In five years of operating Bethany’s Table I had offered limited commitment. I always wanted to bring the business to … Read the rest »

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David & Janet’s Wild Ride

Posted by David Bowles on Monday, March 30, 2015

Constant Striving

There are so many stories to tell about our year of restaurateuring adventures. I want to tell them all and I hope I will get a chance to.

The Table Overall View

The Table Overall View

In October of 2014 we signed a lease to build a new restaurant just less than four miles from Bethany’s Table at Timberland Town Center where the new Market of Choice is located. Named “The Table,” it has about 120 indoor seats, a full bar and a premium group dining and private events space. There will be 60 outdoor seats with a covered fire table out … Read the rest »

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Table Madness

Posted by David Bowles on Thursday, February 5, 2015

Starting a new restaurant from scratch is like jumping from a train going 40 mph. It is hard to keep your balance. Heavens there is a lot to do, and a million decisions to make.

How many tongs do we need?
Big tongs, medium tongs or small tongs?
If we buy big tongs and little tongs, do we need medium tongs?
I don’t know, let’s decide on tongs later.
What about meat forks?

2015-01-22 01.01.25It goes on and on. The outdoor fire table nestled under the octagon-shaped pergola should be all the signage we need (note to self: order the sign) … Read the rest »

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The Table at Timberland Town Center

Posted by David Bowles on Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Table

We have decided to build a second restaurant less than four miles away at Timberland Town Center on 118th and Barnes Rd. Within this seemingly simple statement there are a thousand stories to tell. What an adventure!

For years we have been holding off on making some necessary improvements to the restaurant as we coveted the space next door, longing for enough space to cure our ambiance deficit and create a well-appointed kitchen. Last winter, with the County breathing down our necks about the non-compliant use of our space, the building shrouded in scaffolding and plastic netting, and having had … Read the rest »

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Dog Days of Winter

Posted by David Bowles on Friday, December 27, 2013

SAD2Just how much Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is out there? The numbers are a little hard to parse out. SAD is a form of major depressive disorder (MDD); in other words, patients with SAD can be just as depressed as patients with MDD and are often more so. The only distinction between these depressive disorders is the timing of the episodes, which occur during the short, dark days of winter in patients with SAD. Research consistently turns up 6% as the percentage of the US population that is affected by SAD in it’s most marked form. Another 14% of the … Read the rest »

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Bon Voyage – Arrivederci

Posted by David Bowles on Thursday, August 29, 2013

You can’t make a lot of money on a 50-seat restaurant.

But you can live darn well!

To demonstrate this fact we leave soon for Italy and France where we plan to do some serious poolside contemplation between trips to historic wineries and inspiring restaurants. We have selected representative wines from each of the wineries we will be visiting. Janet has designed a menu consisting of small plates that pair showcase these fabulous wines. 

One seldom gets the opportunity to taste wines of this caliber. And we have never heard of a restaurant providing sample pours of $100 wines. But … Read the rest »

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Meet Lauren!

Posted by David Bowles on Thursday, August 29, 2013

Here at the Table, we in the kitchen often personify our freestyle identity. Amongst the crew we swap stations regularly… as chef-owner, Janet is the Energizer bunny with an eight-inch Shun knife, skipping from hot line to pantry to the office to the floor and back; Kyle mostly works the expediting (or expo) station, controlling the plating and timing of the kitchen as a unit, but he slides over to the hot line to handle the meats and pastas, and he even assists in the dreaded front of house from time to time. However, of everyone in the kitchen, the … Read the rest »

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Wine Dinners At Last!

Posted by David Bowles on Saturday, August 10, 2013

This month we are excited to host two wine dinners. Once upon a time we put on wine dinners twice each month. It was a cornerstone of our strategy to introduce ourselves to people by offering a fun-filled yet educational night out for a very attractive price. Then, because we became so busy, we had to move them from Friday night to Saturday night, and then to week nights, and from there they kind of fizzled. I don’t think that our customers lost interest, but it’s possible that I got a bit lazy. Janet has an opinion on that question.… Read the rest »

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