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Where’s the beef?

Posted by David Bowles on Monday, June 12, 2017

beefcattle11Last month I wrote about how I buy produce. That task has gotten a lot easier now that the farmer’s markets have reopened and the abundance is rolling in off the valley floor. However, my challenges purchasing beef have gotten much more difficult. For years my job was made easy because of Oregon Natural Meat. Stephen Neal and his family ran this small operation and it was the perfect solution. Stephen’s nickname is Dr. Meat. He has a PhD in food safety, once taught at Oregon State and consults on matters of food safety for governments around the world. They … Read the rest »


Posted by David Bowles on Friday, August 9, 2013

Some of you may remember the kitchen biographies posted many moons ago. Well, that was almost two years ago, and as is the nature of the industry there’s been some turnover since then; we’ve bid our farewells to a face or three, but we’ve added a few new names to the roster! Today, I want to focus on the woman who’s taken on a truly epic role in the kitchen, and the name you’ve probably noticed on the dessert menus: Stacy Foster. If you’re eating lunch at Bethany’s Table, you’re enjoying Stacy’s handiwork, and that fresh-baked focaccia is hers, too. … Read the rest »

Autumn Has Arrived!

Posted by Allea on Monday, October 17, 2011

Though summer clung to Oregon well through September, the leaves are beginning to turn and the air is crisp. Gourds have taken the place of figs as our centerpiece, and pumpkins grace the stoops of neighborhood homes.

Fall has arrived! Season changes are busy times for the kitchen, and even though Janet loves hot weather, she admits that fall is one of her favorite “food times.”Produce deliveries are looking less like strawberries and more like butternut squash, wild huckelberries, and chanterelles.

The butternut squash pannini is back!

Comfort foods are back! The panini grill has come down off its lonely … Read the rest »

What’s in Season: Quince

Posted by Allea on Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quince - Photo courtesy of L.A. Times

Photo courtesy of L.A. Times

It’s ancient, oddly-shaped, and vibrant. It’s shockingly tannic- biting into one immediately sucks all the moisture from your mouth. Quince is widely believed to be more ancient than the apple, and many have speculated that Eve’s forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was not an apple, but a quince. In Greek mythology as well, Aphrodite’s “golden apple” is thought to be a quince, crowning it the “fruit of love.”

Most commonly, quince is used in marmalades or jellies. It contains a lot of natural pectin, which encourages a jam-like consistency, plus the addition of … Read the rest »

Catering to Alternative Diets

Posted by Allea on Friday, September 9, 2011

In college, I eliminated all dairy from my diet, believing I was lactose intolerant. For two years I avoided everything – milk, butter, cheese, yogurt – still, I felt sick often. Eventually, between visits to a naturopath, blood tests, and experimenting with “elimination diets,” I was able to narrow down my sensitivities to milk and soy protein.

This recent Ahi special happened to be without gluten or dairy.

During that time, I became intimately aware of the difficulties that come with food allergies, sensitivities, and eating out. I began to avoid eating out altogether, feeling that no one understood … Read the rest »

Dressing Things Up

Posted by Allea on Saturday, August 13, 2011








As our loyal customers know, Janet is always searching for ways to improve her menu. Whether it’s scouring local farmers markets for unusual ingredients, or trying again and again to develop the perfect recipe, she is all about keeping it new and exciting.

In August we’ve made a few small changes to keep in line with this philosophy. First of all, we have eliminated any store-bought dressings from our restaurant. In place of our old blue cheese, you will now find our already-famous Smokey Rogue Blue Cheese dressing. The base of this dressing, … Read the rest »

Berry Unusual: Tayberries

Posted by Allea on Saturday, July 16, 2011

This week, Janet strolled into the kitchen with a flat full of at-their-absolute-best berries. I looked over the strawberries, blueberries, and then paused over a half-flat of… something else. Initially I thought they were raspberries because of their color, but they were much to big and oblong. I picked one up and looked quizzically at Janet, who demanded, “Taste!”

And so I was introduced to Tayberries, a raspberry-blackberry cross unlike anything I’ve ever had. Their flavor is subtle, floral, a little tart, and a little sweet. They’re almost tannic, reminiscent of a nice black tea. They are tricky to find … Read the rest »

The (Natural) Next Step

Posted by David Bowles on Thursday, May 26, 2011

Many of you know the story of how we evolved into a restaurant that serves almost exclusively all-natural, locally produced meat. It wasn’t always so. When we first moved into this space the dynamics were such that our approach was willy-nilly. We had an epiphany the night we went out to see the movie Food, Inc, which was as much a message of hope as it was an exposé of the earth ravaging processes used by an industry gone awry. We left the theater and declared, “The price of chicken just went up!” (Click here to view the page Read the rest »