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Posted by David Bowles on Thursday, March 16, 2017

Join Us In Purchasing Some Fabulous Wines

(and support the wonderful work these folks are doing)


home-slide2Last year we had one of the all-time best experiences when we went to Walla Walla for the first ever Reveal Walla Walla Valley Wine Auction. There were 40 or so lots of wine auctioned, but that is almost beside the point. The warmth and generosity we received from the collaborative and quirky cast of characters turned us into customers for life. We are going back again this year and we want your help.

Among the lots we tasted last were some absolutely incredible Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Syrah… but 60 bottles of each (the minimum auction lot size) means that I would certainly need to include a portion of the wine in my estate plan. And we only had about $5,000 to spend and needed to hold back hoping we would have enough money to secure our targeted lots. We did buy two lots of wine – and got the ones we wanted – but after we had spent that $5,000 there wasn’t enough dry powder to fire off any more shots.

This year we would like to have some of our customers join us in supporting the Alliance’s initiative by increasing our buying power. Our objective here is to support the event and purchase additional wines we could not otherwise afford. Then we can mix and match from our successful bidding to assemble cases for our partners, thus affording us more diversity in our own inventory. Should you decide to participate we will mix and match from our successfully purchased lots to create a collection of legacy wines for your personal cellar.

I visited Walla Walla recently and met with the director of the Alliance to suggest that they sell tickets to the festivities to non-bidders (only licensees can participate in the auction) so maybe next year we can make the trip with a peanut gallery to represent in the bidding. Interested? 

We would like to go into the auction with $20,000 this year. Are you in the mood to pick up a mixed case or two of the best of America’s wine made by Walla Walla’s iconic winemakers for the likes of Five Star, Pepper Bridge, L’Ecole, Abeja, Gramercy and Woodward Canyon? Contact David by calling the restaurant or email him and let’s talk about the details. Maybe over a glass of wine?

On a final note, several of these winemakers have agreed to a visit so we can host winemaker dinners on their behalf. These occur the third Thursday of each month through October. Block out your calendar now and we will have specific details for you very soon.



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