No Brunch For You

Posted by David Bowles on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It’s A Family Thing

Owning a restaurant that is really a family-run enterprise makes for some really good stories. All six of our kids have worked in the restaurant. The first of these was my oldest son, John. I caught a lot of grief from qualified staff when I initially installed John to wash dishes and do prep. He was, shall I say, willfully inanimate. But things progressed and John became useful. Happiest when challenged by learning new things, John progressed to work with Kyle on the hot line. And then we hired Lauren.

John and LaurenLauren came to us with very little experience as well. There was something about her resume, though it demonstrated minimal experience, that caused me to send it along to Janet noting my “hunch” that there was something special about this person. I was right. Lauren was brilliant at her job. Shortly after Lauren started working here it became clear that John had developed his own hunch about Lauren. John was in pursuit mode, though most of us doubted he could get The Babe. That was then. This is now. 

John and Lauren announced their engagement to all essential branches of the family and we are now free to boast and point and smile broadly. One might wonder if the true karmic purpose of this Bethany’s Table adventure was to precipitate this perfect union.

However, there will be a few adjustments that need to be made, the first of which pertains to Easter brunch… it’s not happening. Our new, soon-to-be in-laws are hosting a gathering on Easter Sunday to celebrate John and Lauren’s engagement. We’ll be there. So sorry. We look forward to seeing you brunchers on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

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