The 6th Love Language

Posted by David Bowles on Friday, January 29, 2016

food is loveValentine’s Day is a big day in our world. Janet really turns up the heat. She lands on a theme just after the first of the year and the eats, sleeps and drinks with her ideas for a week or two. She then spends two or three more weeks designing her menu. This year she decided to keep it simple so she limited the prix fixe menu to six courses (counting the amuse bouche) with no more than five items from which to choose per course. Sounds like a lot but a couple years ago she offered the same number of courses and had three European-themed menus, one each for Italy, France and Spain. It was a little much. You get the picture. She goes all out.

It was fun to watch Janet go through her paces this year. She decided on “The Food of Love” as her theme. Her process evolved as she perused great love stories and poems with culinary themes. She tells the story of where she ended up in her most recent post in Janet’s Corner.

5 love lang heartFor Janet, Food is the 6th Love Language. You may be wondering about the other five. There is a series of books by Gary Chapman wrote “The 5 Love Languages” series and built an interactive website designed to learn more. Loosely, the books assert that we each have one of five languages within which we relate love. These are: Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. The author tells us that relationships suffer when folks speak different languages, often unwittingly. Understanding this phenomenon explains why, for all the crush and hubbub, Valentine’s Day is so roundly practiced in restaurants. Taking your sweetheart to dinner is a lovely gift. Setting aside the evening to loll through your meal makes for quality time. That block of time affords ample opportunity for words of affirmation. At Bethany’s Table we promise your evening will brim with acts of service. The fifth nail, which we have trouble hitting in our dining room – though you’re welcome to canoodle – is the language of physical touch. We suggest you reach out to the kind folks at Massage and Spa at Bethany.

Life Lab love languagesMention that this article inspired you and they will toss in a little gift. If you are not quite sure what love language your sweetie speaks, throw in the massage. That way, no matter how clueless about your sweetheart’s love language you may me, you will have covered all the bases. Make your reservation now.

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