Dark days getting to you?

Treat yourself to some warm hospitality!

It’s that Comfort Food time of the year. Of course we continue to cater to our neighborhood foodies with items such as truffle risotto, osso bucco, paella and cioppino. But here, in the dark days of winter, we also serve bacon mac & cheese and chicken and biscuits. For lunch you can’t beat a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato-basil soup. And for breakfast on the weekend? Just come in, pick up the NY Times in the lobby and sit down to a great cup of coffee and some good ol’ biscuits and gravy.

You won’t find a better breakfast on the west side but our seeming aversion to advertising and lack of signage means that there’s usually a seat open for you. The breakfast menu changes weekly and, while there remains an abundance of classic breakfast items from which to choose, we have tweaked the format to suit our foodie core customers and align the menu to better reflect our lunch and dinner menu. We open for breakfast at 9 AM on the weekend and stay open until 2 PM.


A Casual European-style Bistro

Janet is a Chicago-Irish-Democrat-Alpha Female-Chef… she makes whatever she wants. It just so happens that she wants to make really great meals using fresh local ingredients. That being said, the cuisine has strong Mediterranean influences, and when we visit restaurants in Northern Italy we find many of our dishes. While the fare is fine, the ambiance is casual. Come as you are. Order a little or a lot. Come early for wine and a small plate, or come late just for dessert.  

It often riles some of the local loyalist when we refer to ourselves as “A culinary oasis in a desert named Washington County”. We mean no disrespect. But it still surprises us, given the warm appreciation we receive from so many wonderful customers, that the amazing Pacific Northwest food scene has been so slow to take root west of 23rd and Burnside. If you haven’t been to Bethany’s Table you owe it to yourself to pay us a visit. We promise that you will enjoy your experience of great food and warm hospitality.



Farmers Market Salad Halibut with seabeans Summer salad 06 peaches 04 couscous Janet and David ahi salad Happy in Valpolicella Love in the hills Salad Nicoise JanetStrawberries marsala Mahi mahi 03 Frittata watermelon salad Summer garden Summer veggies Decon black forest cake Pate Board



We are open for lunch Monday through Friday and for dinner every night of the week. For nine months out of the year we serve breakfast on the weekends and will restart that in October. We have a full bar and and an extraordinary selection and well-priced wine list. 

We have six kids and four of them work in the restaurant… it’s a family affair. And Zoe, our seventh child (at left), often works as greeter. Zoe comes and goes, passing through the dining room from time to time. Some folks take umbrage (a few incorrectly believe that health codes restrict her presence… they do not) and we are always happy to scoot her out for any reason. But she does have a very large fan base and she expresses special affection for small people. It occurs to Zoe that small people understand relationship; they spread hostess gifts on the floor around their chairs. A gesture Zoe much appreciates.

This is great food, fresh, local, seasonal, beautifully plated and congenially served.