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Fine cuisine presented with freestyle flair by a staff of happy, committed professionals. Bethany’s Table is a hidden jewel that caters to a loyal crowd of expert diners – regular customers that hope not too many of you will learn what you’ve been missing. Farm-to-table values, European-style restaurateuring and genuine hospitality.



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Located on the edge of the urban growth boundary, farmers within a few short miles of the restaurant deliver freshly harvested produce at least weekly. Janet’s hits the Farmers Market twice each week. Beef raised sustainably and humanely, happy chickens – well, happy up until that last moment – raised by Mary’s in Northern California and other sustainably raised and harvested products are thoughtfully prepared and artfully presented. Visit us for lunch Monday through Friday or dinner every night of the week.


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What is a Freestyle Bistro?

It is not a formula. Janet is a Chicago-Irish-Democrat-Alpha Female-Chef… she makes whatever she wants. It just so happens that she wants to make really great meals using fresh local ingredients. That being said, the cuisine has strong European influences, and when she visits restaurants in Northern Italy she finds food that makes sense. While the fare is fine, the ambiance is casual.  Order a little or a lot. Come early for wine and a small plate, or come late just for dessert.  


It often riles some of the local loyalist when we refer to ourselves as “A culinary oasis in a desert named Washington County”. We mean no disrespect. But it still surprises us, given the warm appreciation we receive from so many wonderful customers, that the amazing Pacific Northwest food scene has been so slow to take root west of 23rd and Burnside. If you haven’t been to Bethany’s Table you owe it to yourself to pay us a visit. We promise that you will enjoy your experience of great food and warm hospitality.